The NSW Federation
of Community Language Schools

Our History

The NSW Federation of Community Language Schools was established in Sydney in 1978 as a not for profit organization. The aim of the Federation is to unite all community language schools and work together to sustain community languages and contribute to the multicultural assets of New South Wales. The organisation aims to assist all the community language schools to obtain benefits from the various programs offered by the NSW Government and strive to promote language education.

After more than 40 years of growing, the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools now represent 250 member schools in 460 locations (the number increases every year) with approximately 30,000 students who can choose to learn one or more from the 57 different languages available.

Our Mission

Provide accountable quality service to all community languages schools and work together to unite communities by promoting and making languages accessible to everyone that contributes to the multicultural assets of New South Wales.

Our Core Values


We will connect with the communities and other similar organisations to promote and preserve the community languages schools program.


We will identify and develop opportunities for communities to build their language capacity by understanding their needs within the cultural context.


We will provide strong and accountable leadership aimed at benefiting the community languages sector.


We will communicate clearly. Collaborate widely and act with integrity.


We welcome diversity and treat everyone with respect.


We will create opportunities to empower the Education Officer/s, community languages schools teachers and management committee and Federation’s management committee for sustenance of the NSW Community Languages Schools Program.


We will unite communities through language activities to create a combined force and a strong voice.

Our Objectives

  • Exert influence on the State and Federal governments for adequate funding for Community Language Schools
  • Assist the Community Language Schools utilising the facilities available in government schools at very economical rates

  • Monitor all developments of concern or interest to School Members

  • Assist the aspirations of Community Language Schools’ teachers to enter the profession and to upgrade their qualifications

  • Promote courses in teaching technology and to strive for accreditation of teaching qualifications

  • Advocate the cause of the Community Language Schools for appropriate recognition by the Government as providers of language and culture teaching

  • Enable School Members to purchase through Government stores and at Government contract prices

  • Bring home to the Australian multicultural society the importance, input and the effective role of the Community Language Schools

  • Strive to safeguard the interests of the School Members and ensure that their status and role is not adversely affected

  • Keep an up to date cumulative record of the School Members and to inform them promptly of various changes and developments taking place

  • Work closely with Multicultural State and Federal Government entities to promote community harmony, cohesiveness and the benefits of multiculturalism. To engage and offer direct services to the communities through the establishment of multicultural hubs

  • Seek to cooperate in shaping a more just, compassionate and charitable society in Australia

  • Work with and assist people in need, whilst respecting their dignity, sharing hope and encouraging them to take control of their own future

  • Promote informed discussion on the plight of those in need and to advocate for improved services and facilities for them

  • Liaise with and share resources with other charitable organisations with the objective of assisting families and young, elderly, disabled and infirm members of the Australian community

  • Raise and expend funds in pursuit of the objectives of the Federation

  • Ensure that the basic principles and the rules of the Federation are respected

Management Committee

Office Bearers

Mr Michael Christodoulou AM
Mr Michael Christodoulou AMChief Executive Officer
Mrs Lucia Johns
Mrs Lucia JohnsPresident
 Mr Thiru Thirunanthakumar
Mr Thiru ThirunanthakumarVice President
Dr Stepan Kerkyasharian
Dr Stepan KerkyasharianVice President
Ms Tarpthip Hansavesa
Ms Tarpthip HansavesaSecretary/ Public Officer

Board Members

Ms Meggy Sin
Ms Meggy Sin
Mrs Bindya Subba
Mrs Bindya Subba
Ms Pauline Jongma
Ms Pauline Jongma
Mr Nicholas Maksymow
Mr Nicholas Maksymow
Mrs Phuong Tam Tran
Mrs Phuong Tam Tran


Learn. Unite. Be Heard.

NSW Federation of
Community Language Schools