he NSW Federation of Community Language Schools would like to thank every member school and organisation who took the opportunity to attend this year’s Premiers Harmony Dinner in Rosehill Gardens.


The NSW Federation of Community Language Schools was the largest group in attendance and highlighted the importance of the Community Language School sector in NSW. We were mentioned by Premier Berijiklian, Minister Williams and Chair of Multicultural NSW, no other group got a mention. It shows that as a united group all our languages, schools and communities matter regardless of size.


Also the NSWFCLS Choir was again asked to perform and this was again very popular with the audience and VIPs. Well done to the Choir for their effort in promoting their communities


Our unity and diversity is our strength. Many of the VIPs and politicians are amazed by the turn  out of the CLS sector and my message to them is that the Community Language Schools and their volunteers are the true ground roots level of multiculturalism in NSW.


Again thank you to all those who attended to promote their language, schools and support the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools


You can find all official photos from the evening on Multicultural NSW’s  website HERE.