How to use the new Member Portal?2021-02-04T21:23:38+11:00

How to use the new Member Portal?

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How to update your Committee Members Details – Step 22023-01-18T11:24:50+11:00

Step 2: Review if all school Management Committee Members are listed.

  • To add new Committee Members
    • Click on the red button to add your new committee member
  • To update existing Committee Member details:
    • Click on the “Update” button next to each committee member to update their details.
  • To delete past Committee Member details:
    • Click on the “Delete” button next to a committee if they are no longer involved with the school.

TIP: You can click on the individual column/s (first name, last name, positions) to sort your information in alphabetical order.

How to update your Volunteers – Step 52023-01-18T11:22:45+11:00

Step 5: Review the Volunteer status for each of your non-teaching volunteers and all other volunteers for this school year: First name, Last name, email address and update accordingly. Add a new volunteer by using the red button.

  • To add a new volunteer:
  • Click on the “Add Volunteers” button to add your new teacher.
    Individual email addresses are important.


  • To update an existing Volunteer
  • Click on the “Update” button to change any details.

IMPORTANT: Only volunteers with the status “Active this year= Yes” will be added to your registration form in step 6.

TIP: click on each individual column (first name, last name or teaching this year) to sort your information alphabetically or choose yes/no if they are teaching or not.

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