How to use the new Member Portal?2021-02-04T21:23:38+11:00

How to use the new Member Portal?

Click on each of the questions here below and discover your My School page and its new features.
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My School page – 6 steps to register your school2021-02-04T20:11:49+11:00
Why do I need to complete ALL steps before registering my school?2021-02-04T20:10:28+11:00
How to update your School Details – Step 12021-02-04T20:13:00+11:00
How to update your Committee Members Details – Step 22021-02-04T20:14:03+11:00
How to update your Class Locations – Step 32021-02-04T20:28:18+11:00
How to update your Teachers – Step 42021-02-04T20:28:58+11:00
How to update your Volunteers – Step 52021-02-04T20:29:48+11:00
How to Register – Step 62021-02-04T20:30:52+11:00
How to change my password?2021-02-04T21:15:22+11:00
I lost my password2021-02-04T21:16:14+11:00
How do I go back to My School page?2021-02-04T21:38:09+11:00

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