How to change my password?

2023-01-18T11:33:44+11:004 Feb 2021|

Each member school has a unique user name and that alongside with your password will connect you to the Federation’s online form. When you connect for the first time, please use this page to create [...]

How to Register – Step 6

2023-01-18T11:32:34+11:004 Feb 2021|

Step 6: This step helps you complete and submit your school’s new membership and/ or insurance application form.  Part 2. Fees of previous years are available to view. To renew, click on the “New Registration/ [...]

How to update your Teachers – Step 4

2023-01-18T11:21:22+11:004 Feb 2021|

Step 4: Review the information for each of your individual classroom teachers and teaching volunteers for this year: First name, Last name, Teacher’s email address, then update accordingly. To add a new teacher: Click on [...]

Why do we have to register?

2020-09-10T12:45:59+10:005 Aug 2020|

All schools benefit by becoming members. The Federation unites all community language schools, giving them more power. It lobbies on their behalf and works towards achieving the best possible outcomes for teachers and students. The [...]

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