A: Your school page contains your community language school records.

This is where your keep your school’s information (contact details, teachers, etc.) up to date.

The information is stored here and can be re-visited and updated any time throughout the year by your school’s designated representative (managing user). If the information is recently updated and current you can proceed with step 6 straight away.

You can save your NEW application form as a draft and complete it in a later time and date.

Once submitted, “Register your School” you cannot revisit the form. In this case, please contact the office.

Applying to register your school with NSWFCLS follows a 2 parts process:

  • PART ONE = update all your school’s information in steps 1 to 5
    You MUST add your school’s current information in steps 1-5
    The information will be added either automatically or pulled through by you to your registration form in Step 6.

    • Step 1: Your school’s details and main contact people
    • Step 2: Your school’s Committee Members
    • Step 3: Your school’s location/s
    • Step 4: Your classroom teachers and teaching volunteers
    • Step 5: Your non-teaching volunteers and all other school volunteers.


  • PART TWO = fill in the registration form in step 6

This is where you finalise your NEW registration / application form. It is the final step in registering your school.

Step 6 adds automatically and is ‘pulled’ individually from the pool of information of active teachers/volunteers/ management/ sites from steps 1 to 5 to fill in your application form and, you will only need to provide a few more details in order to complete your school’s registration.

If you don’t provide information and/ or update in steps 1 to 5, your application form in Step 6 will be empty or incorrect and you will not be able to fill in the missing information here.