As you were made aware last year at the NSW Federation of Community Languages Conference and the AGM, Compliance Officers are commencing their duties in 2020.  NSW Federation of Community Languages is commencing the use of Compliance Officers to assist schools with compliance issues.  The Compliance Officers are a resource that is there to assist with the parameters that make you compliant for funding to run your school.

In the first instance we are interested in piloting this new procedure with a selection of 30 pilot schools.  You may (and we encourage you to do this) elect to be one of these 30 pilot schools.  Upon appointment as a pilot school, we will communicate directly with you in relation to documentation that is required.  This documentation is not onerous.  In fact, most of the documentation required you would already have as a result of running your school.  Upon the successful completion of the pilot program, you will be eligible to receive one of 30 iPads to reinvest into your school.  Furthermore, this process will offer an avenue for feedback that we can utilize to improve our practices in the rolling out of compliance with the many other programs that exist.  This will also assist the Compliance Officers in setting reasonable and relevant benchmarks for future compliance processes.

It is anticipated that by the end of 2020 all NSW Federation of Community Language Schools members will have satisfied the compliance requirements.