Student Safety and Staff Welfare Policies and Procedures Manual for Community Language Schools

2021-11-17T11:31:32+11:0011 Jul 2020|

"This Manual provides Student Safety and Safety Welfare Policies and Procedures and is for the use of School Authorities to ensure compliance in relation to student safety and staff welfare. Whilst the Manual provides general [...]

What are languages worth? The second study commissioned by the NSWFCLS on community langaues in NSW

2021-11-17T11:36:39+11:0011 Jul 2019|

What are languages worth? Community languages for the future of New South Wales This report reviews literature on the value of community languages to economic, social and cultural life. It draws on Australian and international [...]

Community Languages Matter! The first study about community languages in NSW commissioned by the NSWFCLS

2021-11-17T11:35:11+11:0011 Jul 2008|

Community Languages Matter: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Community Languages Program in NSW Download © 2008 Beatriz Cardona, Greg Noble, Bruno Di Biase ISBN 978-1-74108-190-9

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